China Is About To Become The Home Of Global Printed Circuit Board

- Aug 30, 2017-

PCB is the support of electronic components and electrical connections carrier, the global PCB industry output value accounted for more than 1/4 of the total electronic component industry output value, the industry scale amounts to 60 billion US dollars. China due to huge domestic market, and relatively low labor costs and improve the industrial facilities and other advantages, global PCB production capacity continued to Chinese transfer from 2000, since the beginning of 2006, China China overtook Japan as the world's largest producer of PCB.

Now Chinese PCB industry has entered a stable period of development, products are mainly concentrated in the low-end PCB, but with the China PCB industry technology continues to improve, the product structure has been optimized, high-tech product sales accounted for is also rising. This shows that the domestic PCB products are moving from the low-end to high-end.

Now, like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, health care and many other fields in China have massive market, the birth of a large number of new consumer demand.

The rapid development of these industries also brings unlimited business opportunities for the PCB industry, which also proves from side to side that China's PCB production can occupy half of the world, and become the largest PCB supply base.

China's PCB industry from start to catch up, and then go beyond, so far, has accounted for nearly 50% of the world's proportion, becoming the world's largest supply base PCB. This point exhibition from shenzhen international procurement board (CS Show 2017) will get the best proof. On August 29th --31 this year, CS Show 2017 exhibition is held fourth times, the PCB/FPC purchase is the theme of the industry exhibition, exhibition area and the number of visitors to new highs, fully shows that the global PCB development is the focus to Chinese transfer. However, in order to become a real PCB power, PCB enterprises need to optimize their processes and continuously improve their automation and intelligence capabilities so that they can develop steadily in the global market.

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