Causes Of New Coronavirus Pneumonia

- Feb 03, 2020-

A total of 12,744 cases of new pneumonia diagnosed nationwide

When I saw this news, I remembered that the cause of pneumonia was eating wild animals. Maybe humans are more terrible than pneumonia for wildlife. They are before humans, just as they are now before the epidemic. A virus that apparently works fine on animals is a deadly threat to humans. Isn't it a kind of revenge?


Hopefully, there is no harm without trading.

The Australian fire has destroyed the homes of many animals. The cause of the new coronavirus pneumonia is also due to the hunting and eating of wild animals. There are still many unknown acts of cruelty to animals. Every pile is heartbreaking.

Animals, like humans, have life and perception in addition to not being able to speak. They are an important element of the earth's ecosystem, and they have an irreplaceable role. If they are lost, a broken link will appear inside the system, which will cause the entire system to become unbalanced, and ultimately it will be human beings that will suffer.

Therefore, I call on everyone to cherish and protect every living thing in the world, and to protect them is to protect ourselves as human beings. Support the ban on wild game market, stop mouth and refuse to eat game

new coronavirus pneumonia

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