Brazil Customer Visit Our Factory Second Time

- Oct 22, 2016 -

Mr Glauco, Mr Assis and Mr Anderson had their second visit in FastPCBA company on 20thm Oct.

Main products: Pcba used in Lighting sysytem.

Major topics:

- Mass QTY repeated LED PCBA order negotiation.

- New project presentation and cooperation way from PCB fabrication, components sourcing and PCB assembly.

- Visit new factory

Last year,  Glauco and Assis came to FASTPCBA to communicate with us for their first sample cooperation. Now for the good quality and best service from FASTPCBA in that cooperated experience, they are going to place a mass qty order to us and give a other new project.

Glaudo said, “ we are willing to have a long-term and stable business relationship with FASTPCBA.”

Anderson was so impressed by our advanced SMT machines and our quality control system. He said, “you have a very nice and advanced production factory.”

In the end, Glauco also invited us to have a visit in their company in Brazil   

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