solution to problems of wave soldering poor soldering and virtual soldering

- Aug 25, 2017-

In the process of PCBA assembly and welding, all plug-in circuit boards need to use wave soldering, so when using wave soldering, improper components or craft problems may easily cause defects such as poor wetting, welding leakage, virtual welding and so how should the peak quality problems be solved? 


1.Components should be used firstly for first-come , do not store in a humid environment, do not exceed the specified use period. Clean and dehumidify the PCB.

2. Wave soldering should select surface mount components with three layers of end structure. The component body and soldering end can withstand the temperature shock of 260 °C wave soldering for twice. 

3.When SMD/SMC adopts wave soldering, the layout and arrangement direction of components should follow the principle of small components in front and avoiding mutual block. In addition, it is also possible to appropriately lengthen the length of the remaining pads after the components are overlapped.

4.The warpage of PCB should be less than 0.8% to 1.0%. 

5. Adjust the horizontal level of the wave soldering machine and the conveyor belt or PCB transmission frame.

6. Clean the nozzle.

7. Replace the flux. 

8 .Set the proper preheating temperature.

The above are solutions for the poor quality of wave soldering shared by PCB board suppliers.

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