Application Of Ultraviolet Laser Processing In PCB Industry

- Jan 20, 2017-

For the circuit board industry, laser cutting or drilling, only a few watts or more than 10 watts of UV laser can, without the kilowatt laser power level, in the consumer electronics, automotive industry or robot manufacturing technology, flexible circuit board Use has become increasingly important. As the UV laser processing system with flexible processing methods, high-precision machining results and flexible control of the process, which has become a flexible PCB and thin PCB laser drilling and cutting of choice.



CO2 laser (left) compared to the UV laser (right). UV laser thermal effect is small, the cutting edge clean and tidy.

Today, the laser system configuration of the long-life laser source has been almost close to maintenance-free, in the production process, the laser level of 1, no other protective safety devices. The LPKF laser system is equipped with a vacuum cleaner which does not cause harmful emissions. Coupled with its intuitive and easy to operate software control, making the laser technology is to replace the traditional mechanical process, saving the cost of special tools.


CO2 laser or UV laser?

Such as PCB sub-board or cutting, you can choose a wavelength of about 10.6μm CO2 laser system. The processing cost is relatively low, providing the laser power can reach several kilowatts. But it will produce a lot of heat in the cutting process, resulting in serious carbonization of the edge.

UV laser wavelength of 355 nm. This wavelength of the laser beam is very easy to optical focus. Less than 20 watts of laser power laser focus after UV spot diameter of only 20μm - and its energy density can even be comparable to the sun's surface.

UV laser processing advantages

UV laser is particularly suitable for hard board, soft and hard combination board, soft board and its accessories cutting and marking. So what are the advantages of this laser process?

In the SMT industry, PCB sub-board and PCB industry, micro-drilling and other fields, UV laser cutting system to show great technical superiority. Depending on the thickness of the board material, the laser cuts along the desired profile one or more times. The thinner the material, the faster the cut. If the accumulated laser pulse is lower than the laser pulse required to penetrate the material, only scratches appear on the surface of the material; therefore, a two-dimensional code or a bar code can be marked on the material for subsequent process information tracking.

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