Pcb assembly components

- Jan 14, 2019-

There are many types of Pcb assembly components, including various resistors, capacitors, inductors, magnetic beads, resistor networks, potentiometers, switches, relay connectors, and the like. The package shape is rectangular, cylindrical, composite and shaped. FASTPCBA company warehouse has a large number of inventory components, a full range, welcome to inquiry.

pcb assembly process

Pcb assembly resistor features

When a current passes through a conductor, the resistance of the conductor to the current is called the resistance. The component that acts as a resistor in the circuit is called a resistor. The surface mount resistor is initially rectangular and appeared cylindrical in the 1980s. With the development of Pcb assembly devices and electromechanical components in the direction of integration and multi-function, a resistor network with short, flat pins has appeared. Compared with discrete components, it has the characteristics of miniaturization, no lead (or flat, short pins), and standardization of dimensions. It is especially suitable for Pcb assembly on printed circuit boards. Pcb assembly resistors have an operating temperature range of -55°C to 125°C. The maximum operating voltage is related to the size: 0201 is the lowest, 0402 and 0603 are 50V, 0805 is 150V, and other dimensions are 200V.

The above is the characteristics of Pcb assembly resistors, welcome to inquiry.

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