Anti-static In The PCB Industry

- Mar 28, 2017-

Electrostatic protection work is a long-term system engineering, any part of the mistakes or omissions, will lead to the failure of electrostatic protection work. Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon that produces a variety of ways, such as contact, friction and so on.


Electrostatic protection technology, such as the electronics industry, the oil industry, the weapons industry, the textile industry, the rubber industry and the Xing Hang and the military field of electrostatic hazards, seeking to reduce the loss caused by static electricity.


There are three main anti-static: anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes, anti-static wrist strap. The use of static elimination equipment, the main components for the ion generator. Personal static eliminator mainly refers to the contact personal static eliminator and auto-sensing personal static eliminator.


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