An Important Role Of The Solder Paste In The PCB Product

- Mar 13, 2017-

After the rapid development of the electronic printing circuit industry, the society quickly increased demand for electronic devices. For this reason, we need to shorten the production time of electronic devices. In this case, fast installation and putting it in the forefront is a priority.

Electronic printed circuit boards use "Stencil" steel sieves for fastest mounting of the PCB. Another name is known as SMD Sieve. It is the name given to the known short-legged electronic circuit element which is installed quickly in SMD screen name automatic sorting machines.

The solder paste of SMT production has an important role. The choice of solder paste has a great effect on the effect of placement.

The role of solder paste:

1. Thixotropic agent (Thixotropic): The composition is mainly to adjust the viscosity of solder paste and printing performance, play in the printing to prevent the occurrence of tailing, adhesion and other phenomena;

2. Activator (Activation): This part is mainly to remove the PCB copper plate surface and parts of the welding parts of the role of oxidizing substances, but also reduce the tin and lead surface tension effect;

3. Solvent (Solvent): the composition of the solvent composition of the solvent, in the solder paste during the mixing process from the uniform effect of the solder paste life have a certain impact;

4. Resins (Resins): This part is mainly to increase the solder paste adhesion, but also to protect and prevent the role of re-oxidation after welding PCB; the composition of the parts fixed play a very important role;

In our company, we use the KOKI solder paste which is from Japan, is famous all the world with the best quality. We often place the solder paste in the refrigerator to ensure the quality.

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