What are the precautions for cleaning anti-static clothing?

- Aug 16, 2018-

What should be paid attention to when cleaning the antistatic clothing in the enterprise?

Anti-static clothing

1. It is necessary to ensure that the professional anti-static cleaning equipment is used for cleaning.

2. The cleaning agent is a non-ionic surfactant, and the pH is neutral (refers to a detergent having a pH of 6-8 at a standard concentration of 25 ° C)

3, using a specific cleaning process, such as washing machine temperature, time, water quality and the use of soft washing procedures to prevent conductive fiber breakage

4, should not be excessive or mixed cleaning, if necessary, can be added to the appropriate washing

5. When the final rinse is permeable, an antistatic agent may be used to improve the antistatic property. Also need to avoid certain additives to reduce anti-static properties

6, performance testing after cleaning and drying, which not only can track the test data, but also the need for cleaning statistics

For anti-static cleaning suits used in clean rooms, you should also pay attention to the cleaning:

1. Must work in a clean room that meets clean quantitative standards

2. The treated process requires treated sand water and pure water. The rinsing process uses deionized water with a resistivity of at least 10 megohm/cm.

3. The stainless steel channel type dust-free special washing machine and dryer are used for cleaning. The fresh air used for drying is filtered by high-efficiency filter.

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