PCB production process

- Aug 24, 2018-

First, Contact the manufacturer

You need to contact the manufacturer first, then register the customer number, and someone will give you a quote, place an order, and follow up on the production schedule.

Second, the cutting

Objective: according to the requirement of project data MI, to cut into small pieces on the large sheet.According to the customer's requirements of small board.

Process: big board material, cut board according to MI request, curium board, beer rounded edge grinding, out board

Three, drilling,

Objective: according to the engineering data, drill the desired hole diameter at the corresponding position on the sheet material with the required size.

Procedure: laminated plate pin, upper plate, drilling hole, lower plate, inspection and repair

Four, sink copper

Objective: to deposit a thin layer of copper on the wall of insulating hole by chemical method.

Process: rough grinding, hanging plate, sinking copper automatic line, lower plate, dipping rare H2SO4, thickening copper

V. graph transfer

Purpose: graphic transfer is the transfer of images on the production film to the board

Process: (blue oil process) : grinding plate, printing on the first side, drying, printing on the second side, drying, lighting, stamping, inspection.(dry film process) : hemp plate, pressing film, static position, exposure, static position, impact shadow, inspection

Figure plating

Objective: pattern electroplating is to electroplate a layer of copper to the required thickness and a layer of gold, nickel or tin to the bare copper or hole wall of the circuit diagram.

Process: upper plate - oil removal - washing second - microetching - washing - pickling - copper plating - washing - pickling - tin plating - washing - washing - lower plate

Seven, membrane

Objective: to isolate the non - line copper layer by using NaOH solution.

Process: water film: socket - soaking-washing - scrubbing - passing machine;Dry film: put plate - over machine

Eight, etching

Purpose: etching is to use chemical reaction method to corrode the copper layer of non-line part.

Nine, green oil,

Objective: green oil is to transfer the graph of green oil film to the plate, which can protect the circuit and prevent the tin on the circuit when welding parts

Process: grinding plate, printing green oil, curium plate, exposure, stamping;Grinding plate - first printing plate - second printing plate - second printing plate

Ten, character

Purpose: the character is provided as an identifiable mark

Process: after the final curium of green oil, cooling and static setting, adjusting the network, printing characters, after curium

Gold fingers

Objective: to coat the plug finger with a required thickness of nickel and gold to make it harder to wear

Process: upper plate - oil removal - washing twice - microetching - washing twice - pickling - copper plating - washing - nickel plating - washing - gold plating

Tin plate

Purpose: the purpose of tin spraying is to spray a layer of lead tin on the exposed copper surface that is not covered with resistance soldering oil to protect the copper surface from corrosion and oxidation, so as to ensure good welding performance.

Process: micro etching, air drying, preheating, rosin coating, solder coating, hot air leveling, air cooling, washing and air drying

Xii. Molding

Objective: to make the shape shaping method for customers through mold stamping or CNC gong machine

Note: data gongs and the precision of the board and the board of the upper hand gong, the next, the minimum cutting board can only do some simple shape.

Xiii. Testing

Objective: to detect the defects that affect functional ability by electronic 100% test.

Procedure: upper mold, put plate, test, qualified, FQC eye inspection, unqualified, repair, return test, OK, REJ, scrap

Final inspection

Objective: to prevent defects and defects from coming out through 100% inspection of appearance defects and repair of minor defects.

Specific working procedure: incoming material, checking data, eye inspection, FQA sampling inspection, packaging, disqualification, treatment, inspection

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