A Great Design For PCB, Should Compliance With These 7 Points

- Feb 10, 2017 -

PCB was first started in 1936, it was widely used in military radio technology by the USA in 1943, and then began to widely used since the middle 1950. At present, PCB has become "the mother of electronic products," its application almost involved in the electronics industry among various fields, including computers, communications, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, defense industry, aerospace and others.


Then how to design a PCB? Basically, it contains the following 7 major steps:

1. Pre-preparation

2. PCB structure design

3. PCB layout design

4. PCB wiring design

5. wiring optimization and silk screen display

6. network DRC inspection and structural inspection (Design Rule Check)

7. PCB production


As a professional PCB to PCBA manufacturer, we know our FastPCBA still have long way to go, keep on learning and improving us all the time, so that we could do better in both ODM and also OEM services. Welcome your sending us any comments or suggestions, to perform from concept, layout, to final production.

Indeed there is no best design in PCB filed, but we can do better.


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