Advanced technology equipment determines SMT quality

- Aug 22, 2018-

General process equipment?

1. The process equipment can't meet the high quality production requirements of the product, which will cause the quality of the circuit board product to be unqualified.

2, Advanced process equipment can produce high quality circuit board products

FASTPCBA's process technology equipment?

1. Switzerland imported SMT equipment

2, Reflow soldering

3, International cutting-edge artisan equipment: Sweden imported MY500 solder paste printing machine, can achieve fast transfer, free of steel mesh solder paste printing express delivery 4 hours. (2 million imported from Sweden, computerized, highly efficient, flexible to solve various incurable diseases)

X-RAY light,

High precision: in the case of 4G acceleration operation, the printed solder paste can be completely matched with the pad.

Personalized customization: solder paste thickness can be manually programmed, thicker if you want thicker, thinner if you want thin

4, Solder paste automatic printing machine

5, X-RAY light, detecting welding that cannot be detected by the naked eye

to sum up:

FASTPCBA has purchased advanced production test equipment from the United States, Japan, Germany, Israel and other places to enhance production testing and technical capabilities. Through cooperation with customers in developed countries such as Japan and Germany, we have adopted internationally advanced technology and advanced management methods to continuously improve the process level from the strict requirements of their high standards.

At present, PCB manufacturing has direct laser imaging, high frequency board manufacturing, characteristic impedance control, blind buried hole manufacturing, aluminum substrate and flying probe testing technology, all of which are leading in the industry.

1 invention publication CN107067270A Process quality tracking method for PCB manufacturing process

2 Utility model CN206183276U Respiratory sensing belt for measuring capacitance

3 Utility Model CN206183262U Integrated ECG Measuring Tape

4 Utility model CN206057107U vertical impact test device for plate

5 Utility model CN206059368U stacked BGA package structure

6 Utility model CN206057106U oscillating impact experimental device for PCB board

7 Utility model CN206061393U Diamond substrate cooling device for chemical vapor deposition process for electronic packaging

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