Intelligent big technology in 2018 cannot be separated from FASTPCBA

- Aug 16, 2018-

Nowadays, the tide of intelligent technology keeps emerging, and the intelligent products of the Internet of things are becoming more and more convenient, efficient, intelligent and personalized, highlighting the new outline of future intelligent life.As a key link in the electronic information industry chain, the development and manufacture of electronic circuit board plays a connecting role in the intelligent industry.They are not only the core of technology products, but also the standard-bearer for electronic engineers to constantly innovate and promote the development of new technologies.

Shenzhen jing state science and technology co., LTD. Is a focus on PCB, PCBA manufacturing twelve years of national enterprises, the company has a strong engineering team and a professional electronic components procurement team, serving the domestic and international numerous automotive electronics, medical electronics, such as the electric power communication, industrial automation and intelligent household industry customers, is currently the only a collection of PCB manufacturing, electronic components, SMT processing and testing assembly one-stop integrated manufacturing service provider.Superior achievements under the jingbang technology and innovation.At the FIEE Exhibition 2017, vice President of business development and jingbang explored the new future of the electronic information industry.

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Products: customized products based on customer requirements

As a professional PCBA manufacturer, service customer demand is the starting point and purpose of jingbang technology.Jingbang technology has a wide range of services, including PC board production and SMT patch processing, pcba finished product assembly and testing one-stop service, covering over 650 suppliers and durable cooperative customers.

The unique feature of jingbang technology is its high precision 01005, BGA packaging 0.2mm and other small batch requirements.Vice President of business development: "in SMT SMT processing, many manufacturers' detection procedures are not in place, often affecting the probability of late repair, quality decline.The vast majority of these customers are engineers, designers and makers, who may have great ideas but struggle to find the right suppliers and realize the powerful functions of technology products.Jingbang technology has filled this gap. We have been cooperating with the original component suppliers for more than 8 years with reliable quality. We hope to truly serve more 'creators' and incubate more and better innovative ideas.

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In the aspect of electronic market, jingbang technology always follows the development direction of new intelligence to adjust the layout of different customers in the front of the market.Jingbang technology focuses on the following aspects in 2018.The first is new energy electric vehicles, whose main application is the connection of circuit board, which is the key point of whether intelligent hardware can realize interconnection.

Speed: a leader in new products and technologies

Jingbang technology speed concept, there are two implications."One is to deliver the latest and best products to customers with the fastest speed.The other is to bring the latest technology to market.

More and more domestic pcba manufacturers are emerging with more sophisticated design of new intelligent products and favorable policies of the state to support industries.Most of jingbang's customers are domestic electronics manufacturers that pursue technological innovation.

Jing state's total said: "in order to deal with the development of science and technology, jing state science and technology need fast one step more, walk at the forefront of new product new technology, when the domestic manufacturing enterprises have create demand, can be the first time in jing state science and technology manufacturers to produce new products, customers need to help more domestic manufacturing enterprises rapidly import market, grab market pie."

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Services: new tools speed up the design cycle

"We hope jingbang technology will not only be a simple SMT website in China, but also become a technical information platform covering abundant data and information, so that customers can learn more new knowledge and technologies in the process of selecting suppliers."In this regard, jing bang technology has carried out a variety of attempts to make the technical sub-websites go online successfully, the number of electronic newspaper subscriptions has repeatedly reached a high level, as well as e-book e-books that recommend new themes and trends, which are all manifestations of jingbang technology's insistence on high-quality services, luo said.

In addition, jingbang technology also pays all-round attention to the procurement process, strictly controls the quality of procurement, and makes customers more comfortable with pcba's quality problems."" in the future, we will continue to develop and optimize various tools and services, accelerate the design cycle of customers, demonstrate our 'small batch, fast, service' characteristics, and spare no efforts for the development of China's electronic information industry." "

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Smart city: interactive future between fanginch

In addition to the circuit board pcba product display, jingbang technology also conducted a complete smart city demonstration, presenting the future life scenes for the live audience, which received widespread attention.


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