How to improve the productivity of pcb assembly

- Jun 10, 2017-

There are many factors that can affect the efficiency of PCB production assembly. For example, if a large number of pcb products are added, the production volume is increased. When it comes to mass production, multiple pcb assembly lines are undoubted. So now the competition in the electronics industry is hard to imagine how the existing pcb assembly processing can improve efficiency to win customer satisfaction? The following is a brief introduction on how to improve pcb assembly rate and improvement measures:

1, load distribution balance. Reasonably allocate the manufacturing capacity of each production equipment and the production efficiency of the machine to achieve load balancing to achieve high-speed operation of two pcb assembly machines at the same time;

2, pcb assembles the device itself. As we all know, the pcb assembly machine itself has the largest patch speed value, but it is usually not easy to digitize, and the structure of the pcb assembly machine itself has a certain relationship, such as the Mounter X / Y structure, take the following measures to pick up the components to mount the head as soon as possible. On the other hand, in the "Installation Layout" program, the same type of components are put together to reduce the number of installations when replacing the pickup components, thereby saving time.

There are many devices on the PCB assembly line. Any equipment in the production process, if slow, will delay manufacturing and processing time. How to improve the process, not only has guiding theory, rich experience and field operators.

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