10 Layer FR4 PCB prototype

10 Layer FR4 PCB prototype

10 Layer FR4 PCB Circuit Board includes multi-layer etch layers and medium layers between each two etch layers. The medium layer can be very thin. There are at least three conductive layer in a multilayer circuit board, two of which are outlayers, while the remaining one is synthesized inside the insulation board.

Product Details

10 Layer FR4 PCB prototype

Basic information about the product:

Product Name: GT-710 Motherboard V2.1

Product use: medical

Order Quantity: 300pcs

Production process: lead-free process

Order Type: Change Order

Pcb sheet information: 2L, FR4, 1OZ, 1.6MM, green oil white, lead-free spray tin, single piece size 53*22.6MM

pcb manufacturing

Product process description:

Project requirements: pcba one-stop

Pbb board process flow: smt+dip+ packaging

SMT points: 135

Dip points: 1

Solder paste requirements: lead-free solder paste (Luotai solder paste GC10)

Power cord: Ethernet cable/0.6M red

Furnace experiment: Reflow soldering test is required for plastic molded patch materials

Double-sided patch: first paste the BOT surface (U6 u10)

Welding method: manual welding

1, the welding seat should pay attention to, can not be left and right skew and high, should be as parallel as possible with the silk screen

2, welding buzzer is to control the temperature between 300 ° C ~ 330 ° C, time control within 5 seconds

3, the tin point should be bright and full, the temperature of the soldering iron is controlled between 330 °C ~ 350 °C.

pcb assembly

pcb prototype

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