Why is PCB manufacturing online quotation not reliable?

- Apr 29, 2020-

In recent years, the PCB manufacturing industry as a whole has made some adjustments through the rapid development of the Internet. In order to save time and efficiency, some companies that do inventory materials have also begun to integrate their own resources to open online stores, do electronic component stores, and engage in live broadcasts. and many more. Anyway, there are all kinds of things, but there are really few who actually design to order online quotations. Why don't you use online quotation for PCB assembly? Today, for many customers to consult this question, the editor of FASTPCBA wants to share with you today:

First of all, we have to understand the real meaning of online quotation? Online quotation Many customers' PCB or PCBA one-stop online quotation is really about convenience. Why do I say the word convenience here, because this convenience just makes the customer feel convenient, and makes the customer feel that the quotation I want to make is clear at a glance, and the customer feels that it is hand-paid and hand-delivered. It's as simple as buying a cup of milk tea.

PCBA one-stop online quotation

It may be that you have lived in the world's most developed place for express delivery for a long time, or you may be accustomed to the timely delivery of Meituan orders, and there may even be small gifts provided free by merchants. When life is used to such pure simplicity, it no longer wants to do those complicated things. So many people think about doing the same at work. Just thinking about something simple.

However, PCB or PCBA manufacturing itself is a process with a complex process, during which it is necessary to check the customer's BOM and Gerber, and procedures must also be performed, as well as the quality control of materials, solder paste, and PCB boards. To say an inappropriate analogy if the industry has a sense of responsibility, he is just selling white powder and making money selling cabbage. Many details cannot be solved online, it takes a long time to communicate. Therefore, online quotation simply cannot solve practical problems.

However, some companies have made online quotations, but this quotation castrated many functions offline. Many companies have also secretly made moves, quoting online, and increasing prices offline. Or it can only provide customers with the simplest service, and later you come in and want to do it all or you need to collect extra money. Because your circuit board has already been patched by him, if you say that the plug-in is not made by him, you will have to find a supplier again, which will consume time and energy. Doing it, adding money, not doing it is more costly, there is a dilemma, riding a tiger is difficult.

Therefore, under the banner of online quotation, it is convenient for customers to pat your conscience, do you really consider it for customers? Some customers have made semi-finished products and come to us for the next process. Do you save time and effort for customers? Some customers are looking for your all-inclusive package, but you are secretly using alternative materials for your customers. Have you considered how to survive when your customers' products go to the market?

Although online quotation is a trend, this is the general trend. But we must not take our customers as test products.

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