Why does the board need to be designed for heat dissipation?

- Mar 25, 2019-

High temperatures can affect the insulation of electronic products, damage to components, aging of materials, cracking and separation of pads. High temperatures also affect components. Usually when the temperature rises, the resistance value will decrease. High temperatures can reduce the life of the capacitor and can affect the performance of the transformer. Typically, capacitors and chokes have temperatures below 95 degrees Celsius. Excessive temperatures can cause changes in the solder alloy—the IMC becomes thicker, the solder becomes brittle, and the mechanical strength decreases.

What is the purpose of heat dissipation?

Because it controls the temperature of the working area of all internal electrical components and makes the components work properly. The basis for the maximum allowable temperature is the component stress analysis method, which should match the reliability of the product and the failure rate of each component. Typically, LED thermal design is based on fluid dynamics software simulation and basic design.

Fluid Resistance: Fluid is hindered by resistance due to fluid viscosity and solid boundary, which is called flow resistance. It can be divided into two types: road resistance and local resistance. Resistance at road: the frictional resistance of all flows in a region where the fluid remains constant along the path boundary; local resistance: in areas where the boundary changes drastically, such as sudden expansion or contraction of the section or local position of the elbow, by the state of the fluid Flow resistance caused by sharp changes.


Usually the LED uses a heat sink to naturally dissipate heat. The heat sink design can be divided into three steps:

1. Design a contour map according to relevant constraints;

2. Optimize the tooth thickness, tooth shape, pitch and substrate thickness of the heat sink according to the relevant design standards of the heat sink.

3. Check and calculate.

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