Why do we need SPI with AOI full inspection?

- Jan 09, 2019-

With the development of modern high-tech, the detection technology of pcb circuit board products is constantly updated. In the human eye magnifier or microscope artificial eye force detection, various inspection equipments emerge in an endless stream, but with the pcb circuit board mounted zero The accuracy of the device is getting higher and smaller, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, the-01005 is even smaller, and the visual inspection capability is far from enough. 


The AOI automatic optical inspection equipment is more updated and more efficient! So, with The stronger the function of PCBA industry development, the smaller the volume, the more and more AOI will show its important position! With AOI, then the visual inspection, the visual inspection of components below 0402 can not be done, you can use AOI inspection, right wrong Re-visual inspection of the report. It is good to use online AOI+ offline AOI, just a small component PCB board, ICT has no place to drop. At this time, the solder paste detector with 3D raster scan can automatically realize the automatic judgment of the measurement data and the product line, steel mesh and printing parameters, and automatically generate reports. The benefits of SPI import bring the benefits of online 3D solder paste inspection equipment.


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