What should we pay attention to in the welding process of printed circuit board?

- Feb 23, 2019-

1) Selecting rosin as a flux can improve the wetting effect of electronic components and increase the solderability of components during soldering. The flux can be directly used as a rosin block or as a rosin alcohol solution. Due to the volatility of the alcohol, the cap of the rosin alcohol solution should be tightened after use. A small piece of cotton can also be placed in the bottle, and it can be pinched on the printed circuit board or component leads with a pair of tweezers. Note that there is a solder paste (also known as solder oil) on the market. It is corrosive and is used in industry. It is not suitable for soldering of electronic products. There are also pine perfumes on the market, not the rosin alcohol solution mentioned in this book; so electronic enthusiasts must pay attention when choosing flux.

circuit board

2) The integrated circuit should be lasted in the welding of the whole electronic product, and the anti-static wristband must be worn when soldering, and the soldering iron should be reliably grounded. It is also possible to use a dedicated socket for an integrated circuit, and then insert the integrated circuit after soldering the socket. This method facilitates the repair and replacement operation of the chip which is frequently used and which has a high frequency of damage.

3) After the welding is completed, the residual flux on the circuit board should be wiped clean with alcohol to prevent the flux from being charred from affecting the normal operation of the circuit.

4) After the welding is completed, you need to turn off the power and clean the desktop.

5) After the soldering iron is used for a period of time, the power cord needs to be replaced to prevent the root of the power cord from being broken internally.

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