What is the PCBA test frame and what is the function

- Oct 26, 2020-

We must first understand what is a PCBA test frame?

The principle of the PCBA test frame is very simple. It connects the pads or test points on the PCB board through metal probes. When the PCB board is powered on, the voltage value and current value of the test circuit can be obtained to observe the test. Whether the circuit conducts normally.

The production of PCBA test racks is customized, and it is determined according to the size of the PCB to be tested, the location of the test point, and the value to be tested. Mainly use acrylic, plastic, metal probe, display screen, wire and simple PCB circuit board to complete the whole production.

The purpose of PCBA test frame

The PCBA test frame is widely used in the entire PCBA processing and manufacturing process. It is mainly used to test the PCBA board after the completion of SMT patch and DIP plug-in. Among them, ICT test is mainly used, that is, the electrical conductivity of the circuit board is tested through test points. Through the performance, so as to determine whether the entire PCB board is successfully welded. The PCBA test frame is the main tool used to assist in this test.

The quality of the PCBA test rack is related to the efficiency and straight-through rate of ICT testing. Due to its long-term frequent operation, there are high requirements for its production quality, and PCBA manufacturers need to pay sufficient attention.

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