What human error causes pcba's continuous problems?

- May 30, 2019-

Pcb production circuit board is a complex and precise manufacturing process. With the advancement of technology products, upgrading and revision, the integration of circuit boards is more difficult and more complicated. The manufacturing process is also a challenge for pcb production personnel.  For whatever reason, board safety is of the utmost importance in usage, especially for medical PCB boards. This article will discuss some of the pcba problem points caused by human error.

First, the incorrect placement of components and unprofessional production specifications are responsible for product defects up to 70%.

led pcb board

The following points lead to the possibility of defects increases with the complexity of the circuit and the difference in production craft:

1. Many dense pins components (pins of components 8-20 or higher), in the same device, the manufacturer does not pay attention to the number of pins to place the components in the wrong position, resulting in board defects.

2. Multiple circuit layers, the number of layers of the circuit board is large and complicated. Production personnel can't distinguish the number of layers with the naked eye and do not operate according to the production specifications.

3. Manually soldering components, which are not professionally operated, result in  solder joints not full and affect the operation of the board.

4. There is no perfect anti-static measures, resulting in a halving of board life.

Although every board manufacturer or assembler wants to produce PCB boards without defects, there are exactly several design and production processes that cause PCB board problems.

So we can improve these problems in design and production to avoid unnecessary situations.

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