What does one-stop PCBA mean?

- Jan 25, 2019-

In today's era, electronic products are changing with each passing day, new products and new technologies are rapidly iterating. The PCB assembly industry, which is one of the important foundations of electronic products, is receiving more and more attention because the welding quality and service efficiency of PCBA factories directly affect the quality of the entire electronic products. market. At present, the well-known foundry companies in the world are Foxconn, Flextronics, etc. They have cooperated with many internationally renowned electronic product developers. Their success stories have led to the assembly of pcbs for modern electronic manufacturing services. There are two main types of profiles. That is, incoming assembly and labor and materials. Among them, PCBA labor and materials mode has become the choice of PCBA demand for more and more customers. So what is PCBA contract labor? Then the technical knowledge of the technicians of FASTPCBA is followed.

As the name implies, the customer provides electronic components, that is, the materials of the products. The factory only needs to provide SMT assembly welding and DIP plug-in assembly process services.

The contractor's package means that the customer provides a full set of information, which refers to the one-stop service provided by PCBA manufacturers for electronic component procurement, PCB procurement, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing and PCBA testing. Customers only need to provide complete information (such as PCB files, BOM forms, coordinate files, placement files, etc.), you can wait for the receipt of goods, which is now more popular electronic processing mode, is more and more customers love.

PCB assembly

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