What are the single-sided and double-sided placement processes at the Pcba factory?

- Feb 28, 2019-

When Pcb is assembled, the pasting process of the circuit board can be divided into single-side pasting process and double-side pasting process, and the specific process flow is different.For single-side assembly of PCB assembly, it is mainly carried out in the order of incoming inspection, screen printing solder paste, patch, drying, reflow welding, cleaning, inspection and repair.

There are two ways to complete double-sided assembly of PCB, one is incoming inspection, PCB's a-side silk screen printing solder paste, b-side silk screen printing solder paste of PCBS, patch, drying, reflow welding, cleaning, detection and repair, so the process is to complete double-sided assembly of SMT patches.

Another incoming material is used to test PCB's surface A silk-screen printing solder paste, patch, drying, surface A reflow welding, cleaning, flip plate, PCB's surface B point patch adhesive, patch, curing, surface B wave soldering, cleaning, testing and repair.This process is suitable for reflow soldering and wave soldering on PCB surface A and B.This process should be used when only SOT or SOIC pins are below the SMD assembled on the B side of PCB.

In addition, there are single-side mixed packing process and double-side mixed packing process. The former starts from incoming material inspection, and then is the steps of PCB's a-side silk-screen printing solder paste, patch, baking, reflow welding, cleaning, plug-in, wave soldering, cleaning, testing, repair and so on.


The latter practical operation mode is more, can be divided into five, one is the first paste after insertion, suitable for SMD components more than separation components;In contrast, it is first inserted and then pasted, which is suitable for separating components more than SMD components;There are also three different A side mixed, B side paste;SMD on both sides, reflow soldering, insert and wave soldering;And A surface mount, B surface mix, meet different PCB assembly requirements.

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