What are the environment requirements for circuit board welding operation ?

- Jun 13, 2019-

Operators who specialize in the processing and welding of electronic products are often exposed to printed circuit boards, solders and fluxes, and other work-related materials and tools. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the above-mentioned electrical safety, the operating staff also needs to have knowledge of this aspect to ensure their own safety and health.


In addition to knowledge of the hazards and lead in solders and rosin in fluxes, circuit board manufacturers may also know other types of chemicals and solvents contained in the flux. In the automatic welding process, a layer of flux is applied to the surface of the printed circuit board, and then immersed in the solder tank for welding, which also generates a large amount of flux smokes. The flux manufacturer should be based on the safety of the majority of operators, and flux can be used for welding operations after adequate layout and testing of the site environment.


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How to reduce the harm caused by harmful substances to the human body? Electronic manufacturers need to layout their operations in this way:


In the position of the welding operation and the printed circuit board printing workshop, the raw material metal melting zone of the flux material, the smoke generated by the welding, the welding operation position, the passage in the workshop, the ventilation duct device is required, and the local exhaust device is provided.


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According to the record of research report, Some female workers’ facial skin are poisoned due to the solder smokes. Although the sensitivity and response of each operator to stimulating ingredients  are vary widely, the solder smokes is one of the factors that cannot be ignored. At the welding operation site, attention should be paid to lead poisoning. During using rosin solder operation, be careful not to soil your clothes and fingers. In terms of health management, safety gloves should be considered to be worn, and hands should be washed and work clothes should be replaced after work. Install local ventilation or overall ventilation in the workshop.

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