What are the contents of the Pcb manufacturability design review? (2)

- Sep 10, 2019-

(1) Whether it meet the inspection and testing requirements

1. Test point (hole) pad size and spacing design is correct or not, whether it meets the requirements of online testing and functional testing;

2. Whether consider the test channel and fixture problems.


(2) Whether to consider reliability issues such as heat dissipation, high frequency, electromagnetic interference, anti-static, anti-vibration, anti-moisture, and corrosion resistance


(3) Whether the selection of process materials should meet the requirements of quality and PCB reliable process , and cost savings


(4) Checking if the design output file is complete and correct. In addition to meeting the printed circuit board design output file specified in the printed circuit board processing standard, the SMT printed circuit board design also needs to generate the following three files. If it is a double panel, you need to provide 3 files on both sides.


1. PCB coordinate pure text file of purely mounted components. Whether it’s include the reference mark and the position number of the chip component, the X-axis coordinate, the y-axis coordinate, the T rotation angle, and the package name of the component (the plug-in component should not be included).


2. Purely mounted components list (for mounting) and total component list (for total assembly). Whether the component number, model specification and package type of the component list in the component list conform to the design file and whether it is output as a pure text file.


3. Pad GERBER graphics files for purely mounted components (referred to as template files for processing printed templates).


(5) Others

1. Checking whether the unit (metric or imperial) used by the pcb design is uniform;

2. Checking the dimensional tolerances of components of different manufacturers, especially in the case of high density, the design should be based on the actual size of the components;

3. Double-sided assembled pcb should provide the pcb coordinate file and template file of A/B surface respectively;

4. High-density design should use teardrop (elliptical) row land pattern;

5. High reliability PCB pad design pad width = 1.1 ~ 1.2 times the component solder end width;

6. Pcb coordinate file, component list and template file should be provided with a separate U disk and marked with the word smt.

7. The approval and modification of documents shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations;

8. The u disk marked "SMT" is issued in batches and is only sent to the pcb manufacturing unit.

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