What are Filp Chip, MCM and COB?

- Sep 25, 2020-

What are Filp Chip, MCM and COB?

1. Flip Chip (flip chip) technology

The advantage of Flip Chip is higher assembly density and lower chip cost during SMT placement. However, due to the need for underfilling, there is an irreparable disadvantage after assembly. If the quality of the front-end is abnormal, the whole batch will be scrapped, and the requirements for product quality are very strict.

2. COB (Chip on Board) technology

COB refers to the technology in which bare chips are directly attached to substrates such as PCB or ceramics, electronically connected with aluminum or gold wires, and then directly sealed on the board. Because the COB process uses bare chips, the cost of packaging is saved, and the cost of bare chips is about 20% or more than the cost of packaged ICs.

What are Filp Chip, MCM and COB (1)

COB is mainly used in low-end electronic products, such as toys, calculators, remote controls, etc. At the same time, with the advancement and development of SMT patch technology, more and more people have chosen to optimize the design and directly use patch components.

3. MCM (Multichip Module) multi-chip module

MCM is like a hybrid circuit. It uses resistors on a ceramic or PCB circuit board, and attaches multiple integrated circuits and capacitors to other components to form a single component. MCM can effectively increase the assembly density and is conducive to further miniaturization of functional components.

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