Welding Method of Printed circuit board Lead Element

- Feb 21, 2019-

Method of soldering PCB lead elements: solder all leads to start soldering, apply solder to soldering tips, apply flux to all leads to keep the leads wet.Contact the end of each pin of the chip with a soldering tip until you see the solder flowing into the pin.During pcba processing and welding, the soldering tip should be kept in parallel with the soldered pin to prevent overlapping due to excessive solder.


After soldering all the pins, soak all the pins with flux to clean the solder.Remove excess solder as needed to eliminate any short circuits and overlaps.Finally, use tweezers to check whether there is any virtual soldering. After the inspection is completed, remove the flux from the circuit board, soak the bristles with alcohol and wipe them carefully along the direction of the lead, until the flux disappears.

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