Unique 9 test procedures ensure the quality of pcba products

- Mar 21, 2019-

At the pcba factory of FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on quality has become a habit. So how does FASTPCBA control quality? Why can we guarantee that the product's pass rate is over 90%? The following FASTPCBA technicians share the original nine inspection procedures.

FASTPCBA has a total of 9 inspection procedures from acceptance to product shipment. They are:

1.IQC incoming inspection

Purpose of inspection: to prevent the bad process caused by poor materials on the line, and delay delivery

Inspection standard: IPC-610 inspection standard

Inspection equipment: 60x optical microscope, electronic bridge

product inspection

2.SPI solder paste inspection

Inspection purpose: to find in advance that the previous process operation flows into the next process

Inspection standard: 3D detection + statistical analysis of data

Inspection equipment: KY8080

3. Online AOI testing

Purpose of inspection: Check whether the products produced are faulty or not, and the bad materials flow out of the next process.

4.SMT first piece detection

Inspection purpose: to ensure that the components attached to the production model are completely in line with the customer's assembly drawing and bill of materials, to prevent bad flow into the next process.

Inspection standard: Refer to Bom and gerber data to measure and test each material of the first board.

product inspection

Inspection equipment: TH2817B, TH2830A

5.IPQC product inspection

Purpose of inspection: random inspection of all production processes, whether it is consistent with the operation instructions

Inspection standards: each product process guide and each position guide.

6. Offline AOI detection

Inspection purpose: Check the PCBA of the surface mount PCB that has been soldered for the faulty and anti-virtual connection

Inspection equipment: ALD510/520

7.X-RAY-welding inspection

Inspection purpose: to test the solder joints of the invisible parts of the naked eye, to avoid the short circuit of the virtual soldering into the next process

Inspection equipment: good thinking X2000

8.QC manual inspection

Inspection purpose: Check the finished board with reference to the standard IPC-610 inspection standard to ensure 100% good product shipment

9.QA shipment inspection

Testing purposes: standardize shipment inspection of finished products to prevent unqualified products from being shipped

In pcb assembly manufacturing, the necessary testing is a means of controlling product quality. FASTPCBA Technology has created 9 inspection procedures to provide the best service for every customer.

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