Types of pcb wires and soldering skills

- Apr 19, 2019-

In manual PCB soldering, it is necessary to know the type of wire for manual soldering of wires. Different wires should adopt different welding methods and master the methods and techniques for wire breaking. This is introduced in detail by the technicians int the FASTPCBA factory.


A wire is a wire that can conduct electricity, and wires commonly used in electronic products are wires and cables. There are many kinds of wires, which can be divided into copper wire and aluminum wire according to the wire material; according to whether there is insulation layer, it can be divided into bare wire and covered wire.


1.A bare wire refers to a metal wire without an insulating layer, which can be divided into a stranded wire and a single wire. The stranded wires are divided into concentric strands, composite strands, flexible strands and braided wires.Single-strand wire is commonly called "hard wire", which is poor in softness and easy to form and fix. However, it is not easy to adhere to solder during the welding process, and the single strand is easy to break once it is broken, suitable for suspension connection, not suitable for general circuit board welding; multi-strand wire is suitable for common welding work.


Types of pcb wires and soldering skills

2.The cover wire is covered with a layer of insulating cover on the conductive material. According to the insulation cover material, it can be divided into plastic, rubber, fiber and paint wires. The cover line can also be divided into single-strand and multi-strand, and the single-strand and the bare-strand are similar. The softness is poor, the shape is easy to form and fix, the solder is not easy to be attached, and it is easy to break. It is suitable for suspension connection and is not suitable for general SMT welding; covered multi-strand wire commonly known as "soft wire", insulated skin with 4-67 or more wires, widely used, especially suitable for large current flow. If a single wire flows a large current, the wire will be thick, high in hardness, poor in bendability, and poor in blastability. The multi-strand bendability is the same as that of the single-strand line. When multiple strands flow through the same large current, the bendability is better and the welding work is relatively easier. The shielded cable is widely used in the period signal, and the coaxial cable is the same as the screen knocking structure.


Different types of boards select different types of wires, and the appropriate wires should be selected according to the actual craft.


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