The most important position in pcb assembly?

- Oct 07, 2020-

When we do anything, we must first make a plan, divide the core and commonality of things, and then allocate our time reasonably according to time and energy, so as to improve our efficiency in handling things.

The same is true for smt patch processing. In order to better improve the work efficiency of PCB assembly, there must be a detailed evaluation of the staffing and machine ratio of each link and position. So what are the most important positions in PCB assembly? Of course, it won’t work if one process is missing. Today we will analyze it with you:

First of all, I think it is solder paste printing, because the quality of solder paste printing directly determines whether the subsequent product quality can meet customer requirements. Whether the product is qualified is equivalent to a math problem. If the first step is wrong, then the whole result It must be all wrong.

PCB assembly

Solder Paste Printer

Of course some people will say that there are more quality interventions in the PCB assembly process? Isn’t it important? Each item is very important, and there is no extra work in smt. Operators and technicians are required to cooperate closely in the placement process to minimize placement accuracy and error, and ensure that there are no errors, omissions, reverses, etc. The quality problem is actually not a big problem.

Especially for 0201 devices, under the current equipment accuracy that can generally meet the requirements of 01005 precision placement, it is not a big problem as long as the placement is careful.

Therefore, I think the most important position and link in PCB assembly is the solder paste printing post. If you have any objections or want to communicate, you can leave us a message. Shenzhen FASTPCBA Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on providing customers with reliable PCBAs. We have 20 years of high-end customized processing experience in Shenzhen.

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