How to save PCBA manufacturing costs

- Jan 21, 2019-

When you need PCBA supplier manufacturer pcba products, how to ensure that the manufacturer's lowest price, best quality supplier is selected? Many customers will follow the advice of friends? Google? Or Alibaba? Wait for channels to understand the price of pcb. But here, give customers some information: often the quality is good, the price is high, and often the low price quality is not good, then in order to save PCB manufacturing costs, the following 8 points must be completed:

1. The size of the board is naturally a key point of cost savings.

2. The smaller the plane size of the board manufacturing, the lower the cost.

3. Using SMT SMD components saves money compared to plug-ins. Plug-in production costs are high, accounting for more board area. On the contrary, SMT can place more components on the board.

4. Optimize the design of the PCB board to minimize unnecessary wire and line orientation.

5. The higher the number of layers assembled on the board, the higher the cost

6. Drilling requires time cost, so the design should reduce the number of guide holes on the pcb board as small as possible.

7. If there is no problem with the design of the pcb, reduce the test procedure as much as possible. Some pcb manufacturers are testing for charges.

The above is a way to reduce the manufacturing cost of PCBA, I hope to help you!

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