Why do you choose high-precision equipment?

- Dec 18, 2017-

High-precision production equipment can solve the solder joint quality problems of many pcb boards, accelerate the production cycle of the board, shorten the delivery time, and complete the PCB board manufacturing work more efficiently.


FASTPCBA's production and testing equipment imported from the United States, Italy, Japan and other countries has helped us improve our manufacturing and testing capabilities.

Jingbang introduces an advanced solder paste printer with the following features:

With high precision: in the case of 4G plus super speed operation, the printed solder paste can be completely matched with the pad, no more.

Fast speed: free 24 hours to open steel mesh time, 10 minutes programming, can save customers 150 times time

Personalized customization: solder paste thickness can be manually programmed, thicker if you want thicker, thinner if you want thin

The above is the professional information provided by FASTPCBA.

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