The application of smart home robots continues to penetrate all aspects of life

- May 07, 2020-

The smart home robot is actually a type of smart robot. Some products we can see in our lives actually already have some functions of smart robots. For example, a smart sweeping robot, you can set a time and regional model that can help you do housework. This is actually just one aspect of the smart home robot in our lives .


A mayor once said at the Model Workers' Commendation Conference that if a city is regarded as a living person, the cleaners are the busiest people in the city, and their scope of work can cover the entire deepest hidden nerve endings. And diligently dredge each congested blood vessel to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the entire city. Their contribution is paramount, and no one can replace them.


Indeed, every time the cleaner uncle and aunt will wake up the earliest and the last to sleep. Whether it is a storm or a hailstorm, they are paying in silence. This is a microcosm of our urbanization. The hygiene of the city must be managed by someone. Many times I think again, how great our city cleaning can be handed over to intelligent robots.


With the continuous acceleration of China's economic urbanization process, and the continuous efforts to improve the concept of people's living environment protection management, it has accelerated the rapid and healthy development of China's corporate cleaning industry. In the background of the continued improvement of the service industry environment, the relevant data forecast results show that the average annual compound growth of China's cleaning industry is expected to increase to nearly 10% in the next four years. This means that in 2021 China's traditional commercial clean market demand scale will reach about 50 billion yuan, coupled with garbage classification and other policies promotion, follow-up market research and development will have unlimited potential.



At the same time, as the trend of China's population aging has shown a continuous rise, the age structure of front-line employees in China's cleaning industry is becoming increasingly irrational. At the same time, the continuous decline in China's demographic dividend has also deepened the difficulty of recruitment, retention and employment in the industry; in addition, the younger generation is rarely willing to engage in laborious, low-paid, inelegant work such as cleaning , which makes the development of China's cleaning industry face severe challenges .. Facing the increasing demand, there is an urgent need to find a new way out, and the need for cleaning robots is increasing.


Another point is that since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, the outbreak of prevention and control demand has further accelerated the growth of outdoor applications for cleaning robots.



We all know that "cleaning and disinfection" is an important and necessary part of the need for epidemic prevention and control. In crowded district-level hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc., a lot of work is also needed to support disinfection. If only manual disinfection and cleaning are used, not only is the efficiency low, the coverage is limited, but personal safety cannot be guaranteed. On this basis, intelligent robots that can be disinfected and cleaned which will become "a good choice for prevention and control."



Various environmental cleaning robots have entered the Chinese hospitals, hotels, streets, factories and other scenes in large numbers. On the one hand, they have deepened their applications in various fields and accelerated the development of landing technologies. On the other hand, more people have also seen the commercial value of robots which attracts more enterprises and capitals to favor the layout, and further research to promote the acceleration of the economic development of the cultural industry. After this epidemic, it can be said that the outdoor commercial race track of cleaning robots has officially entered the fast lane. Throughout 2020, we look forward to the development of smart cleaning robots on the fast lane.



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