The role of SPI inspection equipment on printed circuit boards

- Jan 09, 2019-

The SPI inspection device is a fully automated, non-contact optical measurement that is used after the soldering of the solder paste on the board and before the placement machine. According to the technical means of structural light measurement (mainstream) or laser measurement (non-mainstream), the solder paste after PCB printing is tested by 2D or 3DE (micron precision) in the vertical direction of the object (PCB circuit board or solder paste). The high-speed CCD camera is set and formed to detect the bad phenomenon of soldering sound before the reflow oven is soldered, thereby avoiding the occurrence of defective PCB defects as much as possible, and is a circuit board quality control method.


(1) According to statistics, the introduction of SPI detection equipment can effectively reduce the failure rate of PCB circuit board products by more than 95%, and the product quality of printed circuit boards can be significantly improved.

(2) The combination of SPI and AOI, through the real-time feedback and optimization of printed circuit board production processing, can make the quality of the production products more stable, greatly shortening the manufacturing time of the board and the delivery time of the customer.

(3) Assist AOI in the misjudgment rate of solder, thereby improving the direct rate of products and saving manpower and time cost for human error correction. The data shows that 74% of unqualified PCB products are directly related to solder, so solder joint inspection is especially important. The SPI detector can effectively compensate for the shortcomings of the traditional detection method through 3D detection.

(4) Such as BGA, CSP, PLCC chip. Concealed feet, difficult to find solder joint quality problems, SPI can maximize the discovery and control of the production of defective products.

(5) With the improvement of the accuracy of electronic products and the development trend of lead-free solders, the chip components are getting smaller and smaller, and the quality of solder paste printing is becoming more and more important. SPI can effectively ensure the good quality of solder paste printing and greatly reduce the possible defect rate of the finished product.

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