Special problems in SMA wave soldering process

- Feb 15, 2019-

In SMA wave soldering, the solder wave soldering generator in the wave soldering equipment must be technically updated to meet the needs of SMA wave soldering.SMA wave soldering process has both commonness and particularity with the traditional THT wave soldering process.For the element, the biggest difference is that SMA soldering is an immersion method, which presents the following problems.

(1) due to the existence of bubble shading effect and shadow effect, it is easy to cause local skip welding.

(2) as the component density of SMA is higher and higher, the distance between components is smaller and smaller, so bridge connection is easily generated.

(3) due to solder reflux is not easy to produce dust.

(4) large thermal impact on components.

(5) there are many opportunities to dissolve impurities in the solder, and the solder is easy to be polluted.

(6) bubble shielding effect.

(7) shadow effect, including the shadow caused by back-flow shadow and height.

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