What are the modules of the selective wave soldering equipment?

- Jan 11, 2019-

1. Module composition

(1) Flux spraying system

After the flux nozzle is run to the specified position according to the programmed program, the flux is sprayed only on this soldered area.

(2) Preheating module

The function of the preheating module is safe and reliable. Prevent deformation of the circuit board caused by uneven heating of the circuit board.

(3) Welding module

The welding module is composed of a tin cylinder, an electromagnetic pump, a transmission device, a welding nozzle, and an inert gas protection device.

(4) Circuit board transport module

Selective wave soldering requires an accurate and accurate board transfer system, so the track material needs to be stable and durable, and a positioning device is added to the soldering module and the flux spray module.

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