The role of solder paste printing press

- Jan 14, 2019-

Now day, solder paste printers are the first to determine the quality of a board. There are many different types of solder paste printing equipment on the market, fully automatic and semi-automatic. But the difference in solder paste printed on the pads is common among most electronics manufacturers on the market.

In the pcb manufacturing process, the use of a solder paste printing machine requires the use of a steel mesh, which is a pre-step of the traditional printing process. The spacing between many board components is small and the process of applying solder paste is difficult to control. But a new generation of new solder paste spray printers does not require the use of steel mesh. Although this equipment is expensive, this equipment is free to control the thickness of the solder paste.

Solder paste spray printers are divided into desktop economy type, online economy type, online high speed type and high speed type professional type according to different configurations. FASTPCBA uses high-speed professional solder paste coating equipment. Solder paste can be sprayed on the PCB pads at high speed. In the production process of small and medium-sized, multi-variety SMT products, it is faster than replacing automatic screen printing machines, and can meet the needs of customers with expedited production orders.

solder paste printing machine

The spray printing length is 400 * 500, the minimum particle size is 0.33MM, and the acceleration is 4G.

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