Inspection and finishing of printed circuit boards

- Apr 18, 2019-

After the soldering is finished, the PCB board is subjected to AOI inspection and finishing of the soldered components and wires on the pad, which is also an important part of the pcba soldering process.


The items that AOI needs to check are:

1) Check the pcb solder joint for defective pcb soldering such as virtual soldering, false soldering, soldering, and soldering.

2) Check the components on the circuit board for soldering errors, and the polarity of the components is reversed.

3) Check the wiring for errors and leaks.

4) Check for the presence or absence of solder scraps, splashed solder foam, and sheared wire ends.

5) Check if the wire is soldered correctly, whether the finishing is intact, and whether the appearance is natural and tidy.

After the above inspection, the next process of pcba product manufacturing is carried out.

Inspection is the only standard for quality control and is the sole purpose of preventing bad products from flowing down. Therefore, quality inspection of PCBA is especially important among pcb manufacturers.

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