The metal crusher crushes the advantage of the circuit board

- Jul 15, 2016-

The metal crusher equipment has been recognized by customers for its own advantages. This series of products can meet the crushing requirements of various materials. The old circuit board is a hard-to-break material, but the high-voltage electrostatic principle of the metal crusher can satisfy the ideal. Specifications. What are the advantages of the metal breaker breaker?

circuit board

The circuit board shredder is a special crushing production line, which is mainly used for the upgrading of air products. The energy consumption is lower than that of the original equipment, and the noiseless equipment has high automation. By adopting the circuit breaker mechanical crushing and high voltage electrostatic separation process, The waste circuit board is disassembled and pulverized. After separation, the scrap metal and non-metal are sorted to increase the recovery rate of high-purity working materials.

Technical engineers are designing circuit breakers with equipment advantages at home and abroad. Waste circuit boards are a special combination of crushing and separation equipment. Circuit board rolling mills play their role in the production process and achieve high production metal separation rate.

Regardless of whether the circuit breaker is good or bad, you don't have to hesitate to go directly to the factory for a field trip to see if the real product is the most important. How to install the broken circuit board equipment of the metal crusher, in order to deal with the customer's free on-site installation instructions This kind of circuit board rolling mill is placed in a flexible position, as long as it is suitable for your production operation.

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