Problems in PCBA Testing and Improvement Methods

- Jan 10, 2018-

1. The partial of drilling hole leads to the test probe can not contact the correct position and cause false open circuit and short circuit.

 Countermeasures: usually this situation will appear in the small aperture, we should inspect drilling precision by visual before making the mould and make sure whether there exists phenomenon of partial drill. If we find deviation of drilling hole, you should drill it again by high precision drill hole machine.

2. The drilling hole is bigger, which causes the probe can’t reach the Annular ring resulting false open circuit. 

Countermeasures: if only a few bigger drilling holes, you can plug the original hole and manually drill out the appropriate pore diameter. This method can avoid reproducing. 

3. The mould with conductive tape leads to false short circuit

Countermeasures: pls check whether the conductive adhesive has been used for a long time to be flat and crooked (generally for this reason) , and replace the conductive adhesive tape.

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