Material Processing in Printed Circuit Board Factory

- Jan 18, 2019-

The printed circuit board factory has clear regulations on how to operate and use the material operation process in the production process. The purpose is to better implement the quality standards of material use, correctly and timely use the materials in the valid period to ensure the storage environment and quality of materials. To prevent a series of quality problems in the product.

The following is FASTPCBA to summarize the material operation process standards in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards:

1. The quality assurance department shall stipulate the expiration date of each batch of raw materials entering the factory according to relevant standards.

2. The warehouse manager prints the material label (marking the product name, serial number, specification/quality standard, incoming material) in the ERP system according to the production date of the incoming materials, the material inspection qualified PASS chapter issued by the quality inspection department, and the internal validity period of the company. Quantity, current quantity, production date, use effective date, effective date). The retest date is generally the first week of the month in which the effective date is used.

3. The warehouse manager shall check the expiration date of the stock materials at the beginning of each month, and notify the quality assurance department of the materials that are close to the expiration date and the date of re-inspection.

4. For raw materials that are valid for use, the warehouse manager shall promptly fill out the re-inspection form and notify the quality inspection department to re-inspect and replace the yellow status mark.

printed circuit board

5. The quality inspection department will arrange the re-inspection in time after receiving the re-inspection notice from the warehouse administrator, and issue the inspection report in time.

6. For materials that pass the re-inspection, the quality assurance department shall approve the time limit and stipulate that it shall be used within the time limit; for materials that cannot be used up, the procurement department shall negotiate with the supplier for exchange or the quality of the warehouse administrator to the date of validity. The guarantee department applies for processing according to the non-conforming product.

7. Materials that fail to pass the retest shall be treated as non-conforming products.

8. Solder paste should be used within 6 months after the date of manufacture. Solder paste that exceeds the expiration date will be treated as a non-conforming product. The procedure is the same as the non-conforming product.

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