Classification of printed circuit board production lines

- Jan 17, 2019-

Printed circuit board equipment can be divided into seven categories, and the different classifications are for different production steps. The following are classification details of printed circuit board production lines:


1.According to the circuit board welding craft: there are wave soldering equipment, reflow soldering equipment.

2.According to product difference: single production line, double production line

3.According to the production scale: small production lines, medium-sized production lines, large production lines.

4.     According to production mode: semi-automatic, fully automatic. 

5.According to the purpose of usage: research and experiment, small batch and multi-species production, large-volume and small-variety production, variable-volume variety-species production.

6.According to placement speed: low speed, medium speed, high speed

7.     According to placement accuracy: low precision, high precision.

circuit board price

The production line for different single boards assembly method of electronic products is different. If the printed circuit board only has surface-mounted components, then the printed circuit board production line can be used; if it is a surface-assembled component and a plug-in component in hybrid method, the smt production line is required to be attached to the assembly line and the corresponding equipment; when the non-clean-free assembly craft is used, additional post-welding cleaning equipment is required.

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