Precautions in the circuit board soldering process

- May 04, 2019-

1.Pre-weld treatment must be done well, and the pads of components and circuit boards must be soldered.

2.You can't mix hair and wires, especially long hair ladies. You should pay attention to this. You must wear a hat or pull up your hair when you are welding.

3.Gloves should be worn when the hand is too sweaty to avoid electric shock.

4.The power plug of the soldering iron should be in contact with the socket to avoid looseness, damage and injury.

5.If the soldering iron is used every day, you should use the power socket switch to control the soldering iron, power off, Or install a power switch on the soldering iron power cord. instead of operating the connector to avoid loose plugging and poor contact. Eventually led to an accident.

6.The soldering iron tip should not be immersed in the flux for a long time, and other highly corrosive chemical products should not be used as flux.

7.The low-power electric soldering iron sometimes has insufficient heat, and the soldering time is long. It is easy to burn the electronic component.Selecting a slightly larger electric soldering iron so that the heat is sufficient, the welding time can be reduced, and the soldering point receives less heat, but it will not damage, so you need some practical experience in choosing a soldering iron.

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