PCBA processing and proofing process introduction

- Dec 03, 2020-

PCBA processing and proofing process introduction

PCBA means that the empty PCB board passes through the SMT loading process or the entire production process of the DIP plug-in. So what process does PCBA proofing go through?

1. Contact our business for consultation and matching information.

2. The project conducts an overall evaluation of the product process.

3. The quotation is divided into three parts: PCB light board, electronic components, and processing fees. PCBA is a one-stop service, and all process costs from engineering documents to finished products must be evaluated.

PCBA processing and proofing process introduction

4. DFM file compilation.

5. Notify purchasing materials. Usually the PCBA processing plant collects the components.

6. The warehouse receives, retrieves and prepares materials after receiving materials.

7. Processing and entering the production link. Including PCB proofing, SMT placement, etc.

8. Testing includes function test, burn-in test, programming test, signal test, etc.

9. Assembly, including single product assembly, component integrated assembly, etc. In this link, it is necessary to strictly control static electricity to cause damage to finished products that have passed the test.

PCBA processing and proofing process introduction

Through a simple combing of the entire process, I believe you already have a preliminary understanding of the production process of a professional PCBA processing plant. Because compared with traditional PCB processing, there are only more material procurement, material inspection and sample storage, SMT placement and so on.

The above is the process of PCBA processing and proofing that the engineer decomposes for you. Do you understand it?

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