Pcb prototype board preparation before mounting

- Jul 15, 2019-

The preparation of the Pcb prototype board is very important. If something goes wrong, whether it is in the pcb production process or when the product is inspected, it will cause different degree losses of the pcb manufacturer. So before the pcb is manufactured, the following preparations must be made to reduce unnecessary losses.

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(1) The Pcb prototype board must be prepared as follows before mounting  .

1.Getting materials (components, pcb sheets, solder paste) according to the mounting specification of the pcb product craft documents and check them one by one.


2. For the pcb circuit board of the unpacking, it should be cleaned and baked according to the opening time and whether it is damp or contaminated.


3. For components with moisture-proof requirements, check for whether it’s damped at regular intervals. If moisture components are found, handle them to dehumidify (material baking).


4. Check the humidity display card attached to the package after opening. If the temperature is >10% (read at 23 °C ± 5 °C), it states the components have been damped, and the components need to be dehumidified before mounting.


(2) Inspection of the status of each pcb production equipment. The following contents must be checked before starting up to ensure safe operation.


1 Check whether the air pressure of the compressed air source meets the requirements of the equipment and should reach 6kg/cm2 or more.


2 Check and ensure that there are no obstacles in the moving range of the guide rails and the mounting head, around the nozzles, and on the pallet rack.


Select the appropriate feeder according to the specifications and type of components and install the components correctly.

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