PCB manufacturing process technics quality tracking method

- Aug 06, 2019-

With the high precision and high technology of PCB, it’s particularly important for PCB companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency about how to reliably control the quality of PCB soldering by PCB manufacturing and processing enterprises. Usually, nowadays companies mainly increase online or offline detection after the process. However, in the practical PCB production process, how to monitor the quality in each process, especially the errors in the manual welding process need to be reworked, the welding errors caused by programming or feeding during the automatic welding process need to be clearly monitored. That is to say, each PCB board needs proceed a lot of welding in the manufacturing process, and the welding quality directly affects the product quality and life.


Product quality issues can only be reflected after testing or user using for a period of time. At present, due to the lack of corresponding technical means, after each PCB board has quality problems, the company can not trace, do not know which process、 which employee operation caused, or the problem of the technics itself, so if it is in the factory inspection process only the entire PCB board can be scrapped, and the responsible person cannot be found. If there is a quality problem with the user feedback, it is impossible to determine which employee operation causing the problem, and it is impossible to recall the amount of products which have the same errors in the user's hands,affecting the corporate image.


A technics quality tracking method for a PCB manufacturing process, characterized in that: first, a signal triggering module is set on a PCB, and the unique ID address of the PCB board is recorded in the signal triggering module;


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Secondly, an operation tool startup device is set to at each station. Only when the startup device obtains the signal to trigger the signal feedback of the module, the operation tool can work. When the operation tool works, the work position information, the operator image, and the operation process image will be automatically generated. And corresponding techinics information is transmitted to the background data management system for recording;


Third, when there is a problem during the detection or using of the PCB board, according to the ID address recorded in the PCB board, the data of each station in the PCB production process is called, and the operation data of each station is gradually checked to find out the work station problem, if it is caused by the operator's mistake, will be subject to economic penalties; if there is a problem with the technics measures, the technics will be improved.


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FASTPCBA manufacturers have completely leveraged existing mature technologies to solve production challenges. Under the conditions of informationization, the information acquisition method is used to collect the techinics parameters, equipment parameters and employee parameters of different work stations, thus ensuring the tracking of PCB quality.

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