PCB manufacturing problems and production details attention

- Jan 30, 2019-

How can we achieve zero defect rate in the circuit board manufacturing process? Through years of experience in the printed circuit board industry, the following precautions are mainly included:

 1. Exclusion ERB-05604-J81 8th code "4" is represented as 4 loops with a resistance of 56 ohms. The capacitance of the capacitor ECA-0105Y-M31 is C=106PF=1NF =1X10-6F;

2. ECN Chinese full name: engineering change notice; SWR Chinese full name: special demand work order, must be signed by all relevant departments, file center distribution, to be effective;

2. The specific content of 5S is finishing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning and literacy;

3. The purpose of PCB vacuum packaging is to prevent dust and moisture;

4. The quality policy is: comprehensive quality control, implementation of the system, quality of customer demand; full participation, timely processing, to achieve zero shortcomings;

Automatic patch, high speed patch FAQ 2:

5. The policy of quality three is: not accepting defective products, not manufacturing defective products, and not discharging defective products;

6. In the QC seven methods, the 4M1H refers to the reason (Chinese): person, machine, material, method and environment;

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7. The composition of the solder paste contains: metal powder, solvent, flux, anti-sagging agent, active agent; metal powder accounts for 85-92% by weight, and metal powder accounts for 50% by volume; The composition is tin and lead, the ratio is 63/37, and the melting point is 183 ° C;

8. When using the solder paste, it must be taken out of the refrigerator to restore the temperature. The purpose is to return the temperature of the refrigerated solder paste to normal temperature for printing. If the temperature is not returned, the defect that is easily generated after the PCBA enters Reflow is tin beads;

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