PCB manufacturing main equipment

- Dec 18, 2019-

Pcb manufacturing equipment has the characteristics of fully automatic, high precision, high speed and high efficiency. The main production equipment of the Pcb manufacturing production line includes solder paste printing equipment, printing machines, dispensers, placement machines, reflow ovens and wave soldering machines.The auxiliary equipment includes testing equipment, rework equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment and material constant temperature storage devices, etc.

The pcb manufacturing equipment is:

-PCB electronic film developer, fixer

-Automatic Punch Machine

-Development, plating, etching, film removal and other machine nozzles

-Vacuum Laminator   Vacuum Laminating Machine

-PCB substrate frosting machine

-PCB molding machine

-PCB inner layer fusion machine

-Fully automatic para-position fusion machine

-PCB laminating machine


The pcb assembly equipment is:

-Board loading machine

-Solder Paste Printing Machine (Semi-automatic Printing Machine, Fully Automatic Printing Machine)

-Solder Paste Inspection Machine

-SMT assembly machine

-Reflow soldering equipment

-Wave Welder

-Detection machine


Pcb assembly production line

PCB production line can be divided into full-automatic production line and semi-automatic production line according to scale of the production line can be divided into large, medium and small production lines. Full-automatic production line refers to the equipment of the entire production line is fully-automatic equipment, all production equipment is connected into an automatic line by automatic loading machine, buffer connection line and unloading board machine; semi-automatic production line refers to the main production equipment is not connected or not fully connected, the printing machine is semi-automatic and requires manual printing or manual loading and unloading of printed boards. Medium and small SMT production lines can be fully automatic or semi-automatic lines.Small and medium machines are generally used for placement machines.If the output is small, a high-speed multifunctional machine can be used.If there is a certain production capacity, one Multifunctional machine and one or two high-speed machines can be used, as shown in Figure 1. Medium and large production lines, such as mobile phone and computer motherboard production lines, can generally adopt the following configuration methods.

pcb equipment

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