PCB manufacturing processability design

- Sep 26, 2019-

Design for Fabrication of the PCB (DFP) means to take the manufacturing capability of the PCB processing plant into consideration when designing PCBs.


With the vigorous development of the PCB manufacturing industry, more and more engineering and technical personnel to join in the PCB design and manufacturing, but as a result of PCB manufacturing involves more areas, and quite a number of PCB design engineers (Layout staffs) did not engage in or take part in PCB manufacturing process, resulting in laying particular stress on considering electrical properties and the content of the product function in the design process, etc.When the PCB manufacturer receives the order, in the actual PCB manufacturing process, it will cause the product processing difficulty, the processing period will be prolonged or there will be hidden trouble in PCB quality.


PCB processability design mainly considers the following common problems.

(1)The blanking process mainly consider the board thickness and surface copper thickness.


(2) Drilling process mainly consider the size of the aperture tolerance, hole to board edge, hole to wire edge, non-metallic hole processing and positioning hole design.

(3) Printed wire graph (line) production mainly consider the impact of line etching.


(4) Resistance welding production process mainly consider the conduction hole (CLP hole) on the welding resistance treatment.


(5) Characters processing mainly consider the characters can not cover the solder pad and the addition of related marks.


(6)PCB surface coating (plating) layer selection.



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