PCB electronic products face many challenges

- Jun 12, 2020-

The Electronic PCB Assembly Technical Committee clearly pointed out that for the placement machine manufacturers in the future, high-density placement accuracy brings several challenges.

I. Mounter

Improve the placement of parts of the placement machine, including the improvement of the position accuracy, taping accuracy, and parts packaging accuracy of the parts supply; it is to improve the parts placement by determining the parts absorption, the high rigidity of the mounting motor shaft, and the high precision of the drive system The high capacity of the position recognition system before mounting; the placement machine will not generate excessive vibration during the mounting process, and the device body has strong adaptability to external vibration and temperature changes;

Strengthen the automatic closed-loop calibration function of the placement machine. Most modern placement machines are developing in the direction of combining high-speed and high-precision motion control and visual correction systems.

PCB manufacturing

2. Printing equipment

The 75% defect rate of PCB manufacturing and assembly is basically printing. High-density placement accuracy will bring greater challenges to printing and inspection equipment manufacturers, ensuring that the process requirements (0.66 demolding rate) will affect the thickness of the steel mesh and the solder paste. The quantity brings great challenges, and at the same time, the solder paste with a smaller powder diameter is required. On the one hand, the cost is increased. On the other hand, the solder paste is affected by the environment. The viscosity changes and the printing is difficult. The dust-free environment requires an exhaust system and air filtration. Increased costs of systems, auxiliary materials, anti-static floors, etc.;

three. Reflow soldering equipment

Use nitrogen or vacuum welding; reflow, cooling wind speed control; precision refrigeration; small lateral temperature difference, timely temperature compensation ...

The balance between accuracy and speed of the equipment will face challenges, 3D detection, 0 false alarms, 0 missed detection, and integrated control of production equipment.

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